Marine Friends (Small)
Measurements (cm):  15 x 13 x 11 Manufacturer:  Sokunou These little saltwater buddies are looking for a place to live!  They're soft, squishy, and stackable!  I've never sea-n so many types of dolphin in one place before!  And we can't forget...
Cheerful Corgis (Small)
Measurements (cm):  20 x 9 x 14 Manufacturer:  Amuse Do you love corgis? I'm just joking; everyone loves corgis! Just look at those fluffy butts and stumpy legs! These corgis in particular are extra soft and loveable and they don't poop! ...
Intimidating Bears (Small)
Measurements (cm):  12 x 12 x 15 Manufacturer:  Amuse  So Spoopy.  Many Burr.  Wow.  Be afeared, hoomans. - The Bears I, for one, am not terribly scared.  But they sure do think they're tough!  We should probably pretend to be intimidated...
Piggy Wiggies (Small)
Measurements (cm):  15 x 11 x 10 Manufacturer:  Sokunou You all know the tale of the three little piggies and the big bad wolf, right?  Well this here's the slightly extended cut.  The story is linked below.  Up here is stuff about how...
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