Piggy Wiggies (Small)

In stock
  • Measurements (cm):  15 x 11 x 10
  • Manufacturer:  Sokunou

You all know the tale of the three little piggies and the big bad wolf, right?  Well this here's the slightly extended cut.  The story is linked below.  Up here is stuff about how cute and snuggly they are!  They're all very, VERY soft and stuffed with extra squishy filling.  You'll love poking at them and smushing them flat!  They're extremely stackable so you can get more than one or mix them with some of our other critters. (Type in marine life.  Trust me.)

  • Grumpy Pig is very upset that his house got wiped out so easily.
  • Nervous Pig knows he's next and is trying to hide.
  • Sleepy Pig likes his house better now that it's a pile of hay.
  • Chill Pig is feeling pretty safe in his house-made-from-a-converted-storage-container.
  • Mister Wolf, P.I. is huffing and puffing so hard his tongue blepped out. 
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