Cheerful Corgis (Small)

In stock
  • Measurements (cm):  20 x 9 x 14
  • Manufacturer:  Amuse

Do you love corgis? I'm just joking; everyone loves corgis! Just look at those fluffy butts and stumpy legs! These corgis in particular are extra soft and loveable and they don't poop!  There are four different puppers in this batch:

  • Princess Floof is the sweetest of the bunch and looooves snuggles! Her collar is pink and she has a pretty bow.
  • Mister Max the Menace likes to nibble on toes and chase cats. Just to love them, of course. His collar is red.
  • Queenie has a teal collar.  She is very regal and always smiling. She likes to sit at the head of the table and her favorite food is tiramisu.
  • Seymour Fluffenchops has a blue collar and won't hesitate to give you a serious blep to the nose. He's a huge goofball!

Take your favorite home today, or collect 'em all!

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