My First Months at Evoloot


As some of you may know, Daniel transformed NewGame+ into Evoloot Marketplace. This is part of a much larger project he is working on. To make sure Evoloot Marketplace runs smoothly while he works on everything, he has going on he hired me to his new General Manager. I started in March, 2019 and it has been a lot of work and a lot of fun at the same time. I'm very grateful for the chance to work with Daniel and put my expertise to good use.

March was interesting in a bunch of ways. We did so many things I'm sure I've forgotten some by now. We organised the warehouse, ordered tons of inventory, input products on the website, talked about convention attendance, investment opportunities, planned out the year, hired a marketing administrator, input more products into the website, developed a marketing plan, did more inventory, input more products into the online store, and so much more. Phew! We were very busy. All throughout it was interesting planning out the future of a great company and planning on making it bigger and better than ever.

April hasn't slowed down a bit. We've mostly finished inventory, but that means we get to set up the website. Checking links, debugging, fixing typos, exploring page themes. Man the website has been a tremendous amount of work, and although it is looking great already we have more updates and polish planned for it. We are very proud of the work that has gone into the website. April has been about so much more too. We got our business cards, our banner, our shirts ordered, our signage prepped, our fixtures purchased. This year at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, our first convention of the season, we plan to make a big splash!

We hope you'll love all the changes we've been making; I know I do! I can't wait to share the new Evoloot Marketplace with all the fans! I'm hoping to keep everyone updated too through our social media and through more of these blogs. Let us know what you think of the changes so far and how excited you are for the new Evoloot Marketplace!


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