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Platypus - Brown (Large)

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  • Measurements (cm):  51 x 23 x 17
  • Manufacturer:  Nihon Auto Toy

How ya goin’, mates?  This is our super-duper extra soft and snuggly platypus!  The platypus is one of two species of mammal with beaklike structures and one of very few venomous mammals!  (Don’t get me started on venomous vs poisonous or we’ll be here all day.)  The males have scary spurs they can kick you with!  Neat, right?!  Our guys have all been de-spurred though, so they are perfectly safe and snuggly.  This handsome platypus would look great on your couch!  (Don’t ask me how I know what your couch looks like, either.  Classified.)

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