Otters (Small)

Out of stock
  • Measurements (cm):  24 x 11 x 11
  • Manufacturer:  Nihon Auto Toy

Lookit these sweet widdle mans!  They’re smaller chonks for sure, but they pack a whole lotta love!  They would like to come and sit on your desk, or hang out on your headboard, if that's okay with you!  These fellas are super smooshy and great for cuddling.  They are also quite good with stress relief!  Your choices are:

  • Mister Grey is a snuggly little grey otter just out looking for love.  As friends, of course.  Yeah, you just got friendzoned by an otter.
  • Greenie is quite hip and cool and very in with modern trends.  You can just tell by the way he looks at you!
  • Snuggles is our regular-est brown otter.  He likes stones, slides, and playing in the ice.
  • Bubs is a light brown otter, and he is a very good boi and he’d really appreciate it if you reminded him of that fact at every chance you get!
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