Pillbug/Isopod - Shiny (Small)

In stock

More Dangomushi (Pillbugs)!  We loves us some isopods here at Evoloot and we hope you do too!  These teeny ones are SO SHINY.  They are made of a new, different material than the others and that really makes them sparkle.  It’s kind of vinyl-y feeling and squeaky.  They’re stuffed just as softly as our others, but these ones are special!  Choose from:

  • Silvery Smoosh:  He’s the sparkliest, prettiest boy ever!  Look how gorgeous he is!  His favorite food is nothing, because he’s a plushie.
  • Goldie Prawn:  She’s our precious little queenbug.  She likes make believe tea parties, but real tea scares her a little because a stain would be devastating.

    (Please note: The vinyl can have minor creasing when looked at up close)
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