Pillbug/Isopod - Shiny - Gold (Large)

In stock

- Measurements: 40x26x21 cm
Manufacturer: Nihon Auto Toy

This beautiful bug is named Goldie Prawn and she is our precious little queenbug.  She likes make believe tea parties, but real tea scares her a little because a stain would be devastating.  She’s made of a vinyl-like material, which is what gives her that shimmer, and if you do it just right, she might squeak when you pet her.  Her little leggies are super soft, and she’s stuffed fairly firmly to hold her shape forever.  She would look amazing on a dark colored couch or in a room with darker paint!

(Please note: The vinyl material may have minor creasing - this is the trade off in a metal design, so we just want to make sure you are aware!)

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