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Pillbug/Isopod - Rolled - Dark Grey (Large)

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- Measurements: 35 x 33 x 24 cm
Manufacturer: Nihon Auto Toy

Hmm.  Someone is going around scaring all the isopods again.  It’s definitely not me.  *boops the bugsnoot when nobody is looking.*  Anyway, these buggies are extra cool!  They have a snap sewn into them at the nose and butt that snap together to hold them in their rolled position.  This means you can unsnap them and attach them to things!  I especially like putting them on my curtain rods but they’ll go on all sorts of poles and posts as well.  You can wear them as bracelets too but they’re a bit unwieldly.  They’re stuffed not extra firm but close, so they’ll hold their shape through whatever trials you have planned.  They’re crazy soft on the outside, with longer fluff on top, shorter, smoother fluff on the bottom, and little fleece feeties.  Don’t forget to check out the other colors!

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