Pillbug Sling Bag with Strap

Out of stock

- Measurements: 28 x 12 x 15 cm
Manufacturer: Nihon Auto Toy

Now I know you were all just sitting around bored, thinking “man, I wish I had a bag to put my stuff in that was shaped like a pillbug and had a strap to go over my shoulder or around my waist, like a little isopod fanny pack.”  Well have I got the bag for you!  This bag comes in three epic colors, Grey, Red, and Green, and each one is so adorable!  They’re modeled just like the other pillbugs we have available, but these come with a zipper and a pocket inside to hold your goodies.  These buggies are about the size of a small purse, so you can put a few things in there before they’re full.  They can easily hold a trifold wallet, keys, a cellphone, a pack of gum, and that wad of receipts you haven’t looked at in a year.  There will still be a bit of room to spare, too!  If you’d like to rock one of these isopod bags, choose which color you’d like from the list!  They come in green, red, and dark grey!

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