Froggies (Small)

In stock
  • Measurements (cm):  15 x 12 x 10
  • Manufacturer:  Sokunou

Look at these precious little blorps!  These pastel princes (and princess!) can't wait for you to take them home and give them a big kiss!  They're made of super soft material and stuffed gently but firmly so you can smush and stretch them but they'll pop back into shape!  They each have a shy little smile and blushing cheeks.

  • Fred the Frog is green and he loves to sing!  Ribbit ribbit all day every day!  He also likes to be nice and warm so be sure to cuddle him!
  • Bo the Toad is teal and he likes to chill!  He's most often spotted in a pile of pillows on your bed.
  • Gillian the Amphibian is seafoam green.  She likes watching the rain and snuggling on the couch.
  • Arnol' the Tadpole is pink and he likes to sit and watch you work.  He's full of excellent ideas, but much too shy to share them.
  • Joker the Croaker is creamy yellow and he looooves movies!  If you put a movie on, make sure to bring him along to watch!
  • Czernobog the Pollywog is white, in complete contrast to his name.  He likes when it snows, but he'd rather watch from a window.
  • William Frog, ESQ. is purple and loves tea!  Not drinking it; just the smell.  Make sure he's nearby if you're enjoying a new flavour!  He would also appreciate it if you could find him a top hat.

Which froggie is your favorite?

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