Fluffy Kittens (Small)

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  • Measurements (cm):  15 x 10 x 10
  • Manufacturer:  Sokunou

Hello again youngins!  It's me, that classy feller at the top of the website!  The kids told me to do my job fer a change so here I am to explain these chittens to you.  WHAT!?  Oh.  "Kittens".  I like chittens better.

These lil' chittens are extra fluffy.  Way more fluffy than anything we had back in my day, I'll tell you hwat.  They're round and squishy and just great to hold on to.  I think I might steal one here when nobody's a-lookin.  If yeh look at the pictures, you can see there are four chittens here to choose from.  I'll tell yeh about 'em now.

  • The red sleepy one is named Puff and is done for the day, like me, but still has three hours of work to do.  Work like laying on the newspaper and meowing at nothing.  He'll get it done.  I believe in him.
  • The red awake one is named Fluff and has had too much caffeine and is about to pounce on EVERY SINGLE THING OH MY GOODNESS.
  • The blue one is named Huff and is currently purring peacefully and is very happy to get his tummy rubbed.  Usually.  Love at yer own risk, kids.
  • The pink one is named Tuft and likes candy.  He likes scooting candy under the fridge so his humans can't find it.

Alright that's these chittens.  I'm going back to the sofa.

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