Final Fantasy IX (CD)

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  • Catalog Number: SQEX-10009~12
  • Release Date: May 10th, 2004
  • Media Format: 4 CD
  • Label/Publisher: Square Enix

"Final Fantasy IX is the culmination of what Final Fantasy has achieved since 1987. We recognize it as the last Final Fantasy for PlayStation, and know its soundtrack even more for being highly prolific. Final Fantasy IX symbolizes the end of an old age, and the beginning of a new one, as the music reflects past styles combined with new creative and imaginative compositions. While Final Fantasy IX essentially returns to ‘its roots’, it possesses new qualities and attributes, making it a lasting memory in any fan’s heart. The music demonstrates artistic diversity, continuity, and professionalism at expressing the game’s depth while providing and enriching the emotional connection for the listener. The soundtrack is unique because of its nostalgic, yet novel flavor, showing us how video game music captivates the soul, immersing us in plot, characters, and world to draw us one step closer to understanding the love of the Final Fantasy legacy."

-Julian Whitney,

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