Pillbug Large Backpack with Dual Straps

Out of stock

- Measurements: 42 x 19 x 23 cm
Manufacturer: Nihon Auto Toy

This may be the greatest backpack ever made.  If not, it's definitely one of the most adorable!  This great big buggy wuggy sits on your back just like a normal backpack, with his head facing up, and a zipper vertically along his side.  Inside his pocket is lined with a soft, silky material.  The pocket is HUGE.  I crammed a Nintendo Switch, a game, my wallet, my keys, a pack of gum, a stick of chapstick, some random receipts, and a handful of pens in mine and there was still a teeny bit of room!  Amazing!  These guys are just as soft as the plushie versions we carry, but with an amazing added feature!  Choose your color from blue, melon, or dark grey!

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