Aquatic Predator Pouch (Apparel)

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Om nom nom, these little purses are hungry for your wallet!  With four sharks and one orca to choose from, there’s a ton of competition in this water!  Website.  Whatever.  These dudes are small, and able to hold a standard sized trifold wallet, a pack of gum, and a small ring of keys.  They come with a clip so you can hang them on your belt, backpack, or purse, and they are super stylish!  Instead of teeth, these soft, squishy guys have a zipper to keep your goodies safely secured inside their tummies.  Choose from:

  • Great White Shark:  Everybody knows this shark!  He’d look super iconic clipped on your backpack!
  • Sand Shark:  This fella likes to hang out near shorelines and loves to swim around along the ocean floor in sandy locations.  He can be spotted in the surf zone in all moderately warm waters except the Pacific.
  • Blue Whale Shark:  This blue boy seems to have gotten into the shark paint again.  He’s a pretty sea blue.  Maybe it’s camouflage?
  • Pink Whale Shark:  Oh boy.  Someone was jealous of the blue shark and found some pink shark paint.  I hope he knows that doesn’t come off.  Good thing they only eat plankton and other teeny creatures.  Nobody wants to be attacked by a pink shark.
  • Orca:  Seriously though, orcas are crazy smart and kind of scary.  They have been recorded moving in pods and corralling smaller dolphin species into narrow coves so they can’t escape and then systematically attacking them.  That’s one smart dolphin!
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