Platypuses (Small)

In stock
  • Measurements (cm):  23 x 13 x 11
  • Manufacturer:  Nihon Auto Toy

How ya goin’, mates?  This is our wonderful selection of small Australian wildlife!  The platypus is one of two species of mammal with beak-like structures and one of very few venomous mammals!  The males have scary spurs they can kick you with!  Neat, right?!  Our guys have all been de-spurred though, so they are perfectly safe and snuggly.  You can choose from:

  • The brown fella is named Beaks.  He would really appreciate it if you would give him all your cuddles forever.  Watch out though, because he’ll try to steal cuddles from your friends too!
  • Bananaman is the brightest platypus of the bunch, in color and smarts.  He has 10% more stuffing in his head, which, I’m pretty sure, amounts to more thinkin’ power.  (I made that part up.)
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