Whale Sharks - Knitted (Small)

In stock
  • Measurements (cm):  23 x 11 x 11
  • Manufacturer:  Nihon Auto Toy

Have you always wanted to own a whale shark but just couldn't find a tank big enough, or a house with a strong enough frame to support it?  I know I have.  These fluffy, squishy, knitted fellas are nice and small so they'll fit on your desk, on your bed, on your couch, in your windowsill, on a shelf... I could go on all day.

The knitted material has a unique fuzzy feeling, while still being as soft as the other plush animals we carry.  These sharks are also afraid of water, so there won't be any messy tanks to clean!  They just want to be loved!  There are three varieties:

  • Pink Shark likes to go for long walks on the beach.  His name is Vincent.
  • Purple Shark likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.  Her name is Marie.
  • Teal Shark would prefer to stay home and read a book.  His name is Bob.
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